Ideas for connecting
with customers

Marketing in an unstable environment

Challenging environments will impact businesses in different ways – forcing change but also creating opportunities.

Being a multi-channel marketing business, our role is one of support to NZ businesses, sharing ideas and opportunities to consider.

We are ourselves just about to launch a promotion we’ve decided to push on with, to provide best practice guidance in smart letterbox and explain opportunities for businesses to reach their audiences.

In a COVID -19 type situation, when more people will be house-bound, letterbox is a welcome connection to community, as well as to your products and services. Being tangible in nature, it creates positive reinforcement of local support and ease of making purchases and having information about deals.


Depending on how this situation affects your business – here are a few ideas for appropriate marketing:

Hunkering down?

  • This could be the time to find the space to consider your product or brand direction. What ideas haven’t you put in motion to grow your business and what might they look like when things stabilize?
  • Consider the experience for your customers and map it through – pinpointing opportunities along the way.
  • Think about channels that are booming – like letterbox and how your next campaign could leverage the power of letterbox with the data-driven approach from ReachMedia.
  • School-up on how offline and online marketing works together these days.

Ramping Up?

  • Bravery can be rewarded. And more businesses bracing for cover can also mean that if you’ll willing to stand into the headwind, there’s less noise for your products to break through. Especially in people’s mailboxes.
  • Watch out for our promotion launching next week for some great ideas or consider mobile advertising or impactful product samples as part of your letterbox campaign.

Business as Usual?

If you’re lucky enough to maintain a ‘BAU’ position, this is still an opportune time to consider what’s going on around you – with your customers, and target markets.

  • Can you adjust your messages to meet people’s headspaces? To provide assistance, comfort, confidence or optimism?
  • Can you improve things to make a purchase easier, or a message clearer?
  • Is there a promotion or deal that might be welcomed at this time?

Have a read of our brochure to see what could work for you – and get in touch with the team for a chat.