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Distribution Requirements

Here are the deadlines, size specifications and other information you need to know when using any of
our Letterbox Marketing Services. If you have any questions about your order, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Letterbox Marketing Delivery Services

Urban Channel Deadlines

Urban Channel Deadlines

prior to start date of distribution
Metro Distribution Only
(Auckland to Auckland or Christchurch to Christchurch)
Rest of New Zealand
Booking Deadline 3 Business Days 6 Business Days
Lodgement Deadline 2 Business Days 5 Business Days

Alternative Channel Deadlines

Alternative Channel Deadlines

prior to start date of distribution

RuralBox / Bag / CounterPostie
Booking Deadline 7 Business Days 7 Business Days 3 weeks
(15 Business Days)
Lodgement Deadline 6 Business Days 6 Business Days 7 Business Days

Delivery Windows

Delivery Windows

ChannelNumber of DaysWindow
Urban 2 Days Tues/Wed of Sat/Sun
Rural 3 Days* Mon to Fri
Box / Bag / Counter 3 Days* Mon to Fri
Postie 6 Days Mon to Sat

* Choose any consecutive three days as your delivery window between the shown days.

For a distribution to occur during your desired window, the following must have occurred:

  • Your booking must be completed by 3pm on the Booking Deadline day, including payment received if you do not have credit terms;
  • Your product must be lodged at the warehouse by 9am on the Lodgement Deadline day.
  • If either your booking or stock is late, your distribution may be automatically moved to the next window.
  • Deadlines will be brought forward when a public holiday occurs. Please consult with your Reachmedia representative if your desired distribution window may be affected.
  • Delivery Windows are guidelines only, and are not a guarantee of the timeframe when delivery will occur. In particular, they do not allow for unforeseen delays due to weather, road accidents, road closure, or public holiday or unusually heavy traffic.
  • If a multi-channel delivery is booked, the delivery deadlines default to the longest timeframe above.

Product Presentation Requirements

1. Product Identification

  • All stock must have a completed Product Information form (P.I. form) attached. You will receive this form at the time of booking.
  • If the product is presented in cartons, attach the P.I. form to the side of each carton.
  • If the product is presented on pallets, attach the form to each pallet.

2. Packaging and Bundling Requirements

  • All product must be presented in bundles of uniform quantity. Unbundled product will not be accepted.
  • Bundles must be bound in one of two ways – either by the preferred method of plastic strapping (cross-strapped as per Figure 1) or using thick rubber bands.
  • The quantities of product in each bundle must be as follows: For the Postie, Box / Bag and Rural Channels - bundles of 200. For the Urban Channel - bundles of 200 ideally, however up to 400 is acceptable.
  • Product may be presented within a sealed carton or box containing one or more bundles. Product bundled using rubber bands must be presented within a sealed carton or box. Sorry, but unsealed cartons of circulars will not be accepted.
  • 12kg is the maximum weight for each individual bundle or carton. You try riding a bike with anything that weighs more than that!

3. Pallet Requirements

  • All stock must be packed on plain hardwood pallets (Figure 2 - preferred), apart from boxed stock that can be accepted on skids.
  • Including the pallet, stock is to be no more than 1200mm high and weighing no more than 1200kg.
  • Pallet must be wrapped to the base of the pallet and covered with a plastic top sheet (as per Figure 3).
  • Stock must be packed to the edge of each pallet and must be packed into consistent rows and platform sizes.
  • All palleted stock should contain consignment notes for each delivery. The consignment note or packing slip should include:
    • Dispatch details
    • Delivery Address
    • Stock name and/or stock overprint
    • Number of items/cartons/pallets
  • Each pallet must be clearly labelled with P.I. form and a pallet tag, and pallets shrink-wrapped.
  • The pallet tag should include: Printer ID / client. Bundle size. Total weight of pallet. Total bundles / rows per pallet. Quantity of individual pallet. Total Quantity Printed. Quantity per box.
  • Please don’t mix different stock types on the same pallet.
  • Separate overprints must be 1 overprint/version per pallet only.

Other Product Requirements

4. Postage Pre-Paid marking is prohibited

Unfortunately, we can’t deliver any item that implies or shows that postage has been paid for the delivered item. Sorry, but any material that indicates this in its design will not be distributed.

5. Stick to the rules and everybody is happy

Any stock received that doesn’t meet the guidelines above can not be accepted or delivered.


Contact Us

Contact us if you have any further questions about our Delivery Requirements.