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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I have a delivery query relating to the distribution of my mailers?

Should you have a delivery query we need you to inform us immediately of your concern. Delivery queries can only be investigated 7 days from the end date of your distribution. Delivery query investigations are based on consumer recall and cannot be investigated outside of this 7 day window.

When can I deliver my mailers? What window do you recommend?

Reachmedia has many delivery methods and dates available, it is best that you talk to one of our Customer Service representatives to talk about your campaign requirements in further detail and during this time we can recommend a service that best suits your product and campaign requirements.

I want an easy way to obtain a quote.

No problem. Simply visit our online quote portal, where you can build your own quote in just 3 easy steps! Click here to start now!

How can I pay for my distribution?

Payment must be completed prior to being able to confirm your job so we’ve now made it easier for you; all you need to do is click here and complete the required details – please let us know if AMEX is your preferred credit card for payment as this card attracts an additional fee. Direct credit is also available and should you prefer this method, a customer services representative will be able to provide our bank account details to you. Please note that cheque payments are no longer accepted.

I’ve paid online, how can I get a tax invoice?

The booking confirmation that will be issued when a job request is made can be used as a tax invoice - the GST number is shown in the billing/payment area towards the end of the page.

I would like to lodge my product locally, can I?

Yes, local lodgement is available for some of our delivery services and perfect for small, local marketing campaigns. Our customer services representatives will be more than happy to explain the process and any other information you may need to know to book a letterbox distribution locally, you can contact them on either 0800 REACH US or

Do you guarantee 100% delivery?

Due to the nature of our industry we can’t guarantee 100% delivery. What we can guarantee however, is that we utilise a better distribution method than any competitor. Your flyers have a better chance of achieving 100% delivery than they do with any other provider. We perform internal reporting via SMS for every campaign to ensure our contracted distributors are fulfilling their contractual obligations on time and we invest a significant amount of time and money doing so.

Do letterbox distributions work?

Yes and in most cases better than other forms of advertising! The top retailers in New Zealand invest more in their letterbox distribution than any other media. Letterbox delivery is extremely affordable, can be highly targeted and perfect for a small local campaign or for reaching 1.4 million households in NZ. You can read all about what our clients think here.

What areas do Reachmedia deliver to?

Reachmedia can deliver to almost all houses in NZ – that’s nearly 1.4 million households through-out NZ which translates to a reach of up to 4.4 million people. If it’s a small delivery that you are after we can deliver around street locations, suburbs or towns as often as twice a week!

How should I decide where to distribute my flyers?

Our customer service representatives will be able to assist you in determining the best areas for your letterbox distribution.

Can you assist with printing as well as distribution?

We sure can. Reachmedia offers printing options if you don’t already have your mailers ready to go. Get a free quote now by calling us on 0800 732 2487

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