Hunting & Fishing New Zealand combine letterbox and digital marketing for serious results

The Situation

Hunting & Fishing New Zealand is an iconic Kiwi brand, an establishment in New Zealand’s lifestyle culture. The brand represents the kiwi psyche and our passion for the outdoors – the love of hunting and gathering across land and sea.

Hunting & Fishing New Zealand wanted to build upon their direct to member catalogue strategy, and increase the audience receiving their marketing.

After researching different partners in the market,  they decided ReachMedia was the best fit to give a fresh, modern perspective and the right product mix to take their business forward.

The Solution

After consultation with Hunting & Fishing New Zealand about their goals, ReachMedia presented a solution that would help them grow their customer reach and brand footprint across letterbox and digital realms.

A letterbox marketing strategy targeted to increase awareness and store traffic was created, as well as a supporting interactive ‘e-catalogue’.

Designed with their customers’ buying behaviours in mind, this solution would enable Hunting and Fishing New Zealand to get their products in front of a larger audience of households – and those most likely to purchase. The digital catalogue provides that same audience – and other website visitors, access to more product information as well as the ability to complete certain purchases online.

The Results

“In short, it went gangbusters. The huge amount of traffic from the e-catalogue put a significant strain on our online fulfilment with the amount of sales we got!”

Felicia Aull – Marketing Coordinator,
Hunting & Fishing New Zealand 

Initial results of the multi-channel campaign delivered:

  • Significant expansion of their brand footprint: 1.3Mil additional mailers reached a larger prospective audience of customers with the new letterbox strategy.
  • Increased online and in-store sales: online and instore sales spikes were experienced and positive feedback from certain stores about the increase in foot-traffic. Hunting & Fishing New Zealand generally has a familiar and loyal customer base for each store, but store managers saw a lot of new faces coming in – as a result of the broader campaign reach and the offline / online availability of products and information.
  • Learnings and refinements: the spike in online sales enabled a regroup and tweaks to how online fulfillment would be managed for the next campaign. Hunting & Fishing New Zealand also drew insights from online behaviour, creating different formats for information, such as videos for larger ticket products.

“After some initial hesitation about how an e-catalogue would work in conjunction with the letterbox campaign (given we had some work to do on our digital platforms), we were stunned at the uptake”.

Richard Leonard – Marketing Manager,
Hunting & Fishing New Zealand

What’s next? 

Building on a fantastic start to a multi-channel approach for Hunting & Fishing New Zealand, the next campaign is just about to drop.

Enhanced platforms, new video content within their interactive mailer and a smart letterbox strategy feeding the online pipeline, Hunting & Fishing New Zealand are poised for success and excited to keep gaining momentum on their strategy with data and insights.

“Our partnership with ReachMedia is reasonably new – but we’re already seeing big gains with the broader audience footprint and enhancements to the buying journey for our customers.

They’ve been fantastic throughout, addressing issues and working with us closely to optimise campaigns channels.”

Darren Jacobs – CEO, Hunting & Fishing New Zealand