The smartest marketers and the biggest retailers use letterbox marketing as a key part of their strategy.

At ReachMedia letterbox marketing is now smarter than ever. Combining the power of targeted reach with the relevance of local offers, it’s the unsung hero of your multi-layered marketing strategy.

Stop sending cat food flyers to dog owners. Get your stuff to the right people. Cut the clutter and create more meaningful paths to purchase for your customers.

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higher engagement rates with letterbox marketing than with email marketing

readers will buy from a catalogue this week


will keep their catalogues



  • More focussed and valuable than ever before, letterbox marketing gives consumers that ‘real’ connection to brands they crave through a multi-sensory and creative experience.
  • A NZ-wide network of 3,500 distributors.
  • Valued content delivered to more than 1.4 million households weekly.
  • Smart letterbox marketing means getting your stuff to the right people. Stop sending cat food flyers to dog owners. Cut the clutter and create more meaningful paths to purchase for your customers.


  • Our team negotiate super-competitive rates on your behalf across a range of print suppliers.
  • We’re not aligned to any one print supplier, so you know you’re getting the best rates from hand-picked suppliers.
  • Do bits of it yourself, or let us manage the process for you.
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  • If you want to really lift your game and make an impact, choose direct, personalised mail delivered by NZ Post alongside other addressed mail.
  • We’ll provide accurate, up-to-date direct mail lists with required contact fields so you can get your content directly into the home. Or let us handle it, with all personalisation and compliance handled to meet NZ Post specifications.


  • Get your mailer into the hands of those most likely to buy your products. You can now make your letterbox campaign work harder for you, achieve better ROI and less wastage, by a using our modern approach that layers in smart data.
  • And don’t worry, we’re the wayfinders who will navigate you through the overwhelming mass of data insights available to us.
  • The most experienced insights team in NZ mail media are here to optimise your marketing and get the best results, with the latest demographic, psychographic, transactional, mobile, and digital data variables.

Get to know your customers with demographic and behavioural purchasing analysis.

Enrich and analyse your customer database with Mosaic segmentation data, by Experian. Or, let us build relevant and valuable bespoke customer segments, using your own customer data.

Gain access to names, addresses, phone numbers… The bread-and-butter for any campaign.

Get to know the customers in your area and what the journey to you looks like.

When paired with smart targeting, sampling gets your new product into the hands of those most likely to purchase.

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