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Delivery Optimisation

Make the most of your flyer, pamphlet, catalogue or product sample delivery round with our smart Delivery Optimisation service. You can target delivery areas with the highest spend at your store, or acquire new customers by going after market share.

Delivery Optimisation

Increase your ROI with Reachmedia and Marketview

Why optimise your delivery round?

Our Delivery Optimisation service helps you get increased ROI by targeting the best performing delivery rounds. You can choose to target customers with the highest spend at your store or target areas with a high spend in your category but low spend with you.

Delivery Optimisation Graph

How Delivery Optimisation works

You can also see how well your brand is performing relative to your competition with our market share reporting and get a view of the bigger picture by combining transaction data with demographic, psychographic and media information.

Delivery Optimisation uses electronic transaction data from external suppliers, representing almost 40% of all credit and card debit spend in New Zealand.

Delivery Optimisation data is modelled to distribution round level, measuring the average household income of delivery rounds against the percentage of sales in a particular category.