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Sometimes it’s easier to tell a story with a picture rather than a spreadsheet of numbers. Our mapping service is a great way of visualising data and can overlay a number of different things to give you a quick visual snapshot to help your marketing.

Bring data to life with maps

Our mapping service can visualise a number of different types of data including the demographics of your catchment area, drive time to your store and more:

  • Visualise distribution areas for your catalogue or product sample     drop
  • Build store marketing territories and catchment areas
  • Show customers’ proximity to your stores
  • Show where the wealthiest customers are concentrated
  • Compare your customers against the general population and data
Bring data to life with maps

Different kinds of maps we offer

  • Distribution Maps
  • Demographic Maps
  • Heat Maps that show where your customers are
  • Drive Time & Distance
  • Retail Marketing Territories
Different kinds of maps we offer