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Meet our team

Karen Martin

Account Director - Agencies

Mandy Woods

Account Director

Neil Withers

CEO & Chief Financial Officer

Hamish Congalton

Head of Digital

Sarah McGauley

Account Director

Christopher Gin

General Manager Sales

Kate Schreuder

Agency Manager

Tim Macmillan

Market Intelligence Manager

Annika Naden

HR Manager

Sau Moors

Senior Sales Coordinator/Trainer

Aaron Glass

National Operations Manager

Ellie White

Customer Insight Analyst

Lance Williamson

Warehouse Manager

Nick Feben

Account Executive

Joanna Gardner

Business Development Executive

Geoff Hiddink

Business Enablement Manager

Bhavesh Mistry

Business Analyst

Steve Bamford

South Island Regional Manager

Louise Thomas

Network Delivery Team Leader

Neil Thomson

Lower North Island Regional Manager


Reachmedia Team

Our team work like a well-oiled machine to ensure your message gets to the right people on time and on budget. We employ a range of people including first-rate sales representatives, digital, financial and analytics gurus, market intelligence and marketing specialists, operations experts, plus we have a distribution network of 5,000 contractors who are all guided by a highly-skilled executive team.

  • Aaron Glass

    GM Operations

    Aaron is a man who is passionate about making systems work well. Our National Operations Manager since 2008, Aaron manages our entire network, making sure every catalogue is printed properly, supplied in the right quantity and delivered on time. He has over 15 years experience in transport and logistics and works closely with our business partner NZ Postal Services Group.

  • Hamish Congalton

    Digital Sales Manager

    Hamish has been involved in the New Zealand media industry for over 9 years and has worked with leading advertisers and agencies in the print, digital and mobile space. This experience provides Reachmedia’s clients with sound confidence and knowledge when making decisions regarding multichannel marketing.

  • Sarah McGauley

    Account Director

    Sarah McGauley is an Account Director at Reachmedia managing a portfolio of our Top 30 clients. Sarah is responsible for enhancing client’s catalogue distributions and media spend, through targeting, market intelligence and multi-channel solutions. Sarah has worked in various roles within Deltarg and Reachmedia, and has over 5 years experience working in the Catalogue Distribution Industry.

    • Mandy Woods

      Account Director

      Mandy’s experience in media began in London working with clients directly and with advertising agencies. Returning home to newspapers and B2B magazines, Mandy brought a wealth of knowledge to her role at Reachmedia managing the South Island and agencies. Having a natural business acumen Mandy understands the needs of her customers; both new and existing and works closely with them, driving results and increasing business ROI.

    • Amie Rhind

      Group Sales Manager

      After joining Deltarg as Business Development Manager working with NZ’s key agencies, Amie saw an exciting challenge in managing a fabulous team of people looking after NZ’s small and medium enterprises and after 5 years she’s still with us! Amie’s passion lies with her drive and determination to succeed; a strong and enabled team to provide the very best customer service and sound advice to our SME clients.

    • Joanna Gardner

      Business Development Executive

      Jo is from the UK and joined Reachmedia at the beginning of April 2013, following a career break to travel for six months before settling in New Zealand. Jo worked for Europe’s largest fuel card company for five years in Sales and then in the Customer Maintenance Department. Jo has a strong belief in being customer-centric and aims to do her best for every client - small or large. She believes in working hard and enjoying life!

    • Kate Schreuder

      Account Executive

      Fresh from graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce from Canterbury University, Kate joined Reachmedia in December 2012 as a Campaign Coordinator in our SME team. Kate has since grown within the company to be an Account Executive of a diverse portfolio of small to medium sized businesses. Kate enjoys the challenge of managing franchised structures, ensuring open lines of communication from a head office level down to branches, offering control and visibility for all in building their marketing campaigns.

    • Nick Feben

      Account Executive

      Hailing from the UK, Nick joined Reachmedia in 2014 as a Key Accounts Coordinator and quickly proved his worth and business acumen where amazing client feedback and satisfaction is the norm. Moving into a senior Account Executive role, Nick will no doubt continue exceeding client expectations and deliver excellent results. Having a bar and restaurant background, Nick enjoys whipping up delicious cocktails and making amazing food, balancing this out by being active in sports.