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Delivery Tracking & Accountability

Tracking your delivery is easy thanks to our Delivery Query Portal. The portal allows us to track your distribution in real time and gives you the peace of mind that your catalogues, flyers or samples are being delivered to the right addresses at the right time.


How the Delivery Query Portal works

If you are a frequent customer and book a delivery with us, you’ll be given the option to access the Delivery Query Portal. Here are some of things you’ll be able to do:

  • Log in and make queries direct with the supervisor responsible for your delivery round or contact your Reachmedia representative while the delivery is happening.

  • Confirm the addresses you’ve booked for delivery and see the progress via our mapping interface.

  • View what percentage of your mail drop was delivered on day 1 & day 2, and how much was delivered in the morning vs. the afternoon.

  • The portal has the ability to create dashboards to match your internal KPIs.

  • Option to receive a Campaign Delivery Summary at the completion of the delivery and view historic campaign reports for your reference.