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Digital Marketing

The retail industry is changing fast, with Internet retailers, new channels and devices and a new breed of customer, plugged in to social media and the Internet. Informed and budget conscious, these customers use every tool they can to make choices based on quality, price, convenience and differentiation.

To cater to this new breed of customers, Reachmedia can help you align your communications across channels to deliver a truly integrated marketing response. We’re very experienced in this field and all of our digital solutions are designed to work seamlessly together and instantly enable you to access our multichannel platform.

Choose one of the four options below to see how we can help you.


Put your products on Lasoo

Get noticed by highly engaged shoppers by advertising your products on Lasoo, NZ’s premiere shopping destination. There are two ways to do this: by publishing your catalogue on Lasoo or by putting your full range of products on Lasoo via XML feed.

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Make your printed catalogue interactive

Transform your printed catalogue into a dynamic, interactive promotional viewer with Client Catalogue. It is housed within your own website and creates a richer experience for consumers. This exciting product is flexible, scalable and available on all devices.

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Let customers shop straight from banner ads

Dynamic banner ads are the creative alternative to a standard 300x250 banner. They feature the products from your catalogue or product feed on Lasoo, include interactive and location based search capabilities and can be served on any website.

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Put a store locator on
your website

Send customers straight to your store, quickly. By adding a store locator to your website, customers can find the store nearest to them, phone numbers and opening hours.

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