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Make Your Printed Catalogue Interactive with Client Catalogue

Client Catalogue transforms your catalogue into a dynamic, interactive catalogue viewer that enables you to deepen your engagement with shoppers. This exciting product is housed within your own website and is flexible, scalable and available on all devices.

Client catalogue is a highly engaging platform that enhances your cross channel communications. It has a range of interactive features including social integration, shopping cart transfer, embedded video and buy now links.

Some of New Zealand’s top retailers have already adopted Client Catalogue including The Warehouse, Countdown and Bunnings.

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Client Catalogue

Client Catalogue links your different marketing channels and every phase of the purchasing process to give your customers a unique and memorable shopping experience. Here are the features of Client Catalogue at a glance:

  • A pre-purchase evaluation tool helps drive customers to stores or ecommerce sites with buy now options
  • Email alerts go out when new products are listed, allowing you to build a database
  • The handy evaluation tool helps you analyse the effectiveness and patterns of use
  • Product landing pages allow for better natural search results
  • Shopping List functionality and cart handover
  • Social Sharing integration
  • The out of the box product is low risk, and with no development costs it has a low cost

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