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Neighbourhood Marketing Planner

Relevant local marketing is a challenge for any business, especially if your business features multiple branches or franchise partners. That's why we have developed the Neighbourhood Marketing Planner (NMP). Designed to support companies with large branch networks as well as individual franchises and organisations, NMP is a game-changer for local business satellites who use letterbox marketing as a core communication medium. NMP will change the way multiple distributions are booked and managed, saving you both time and money across your network.


Key Benefits for Head Office staff:

  • Offers more visibility and control over local marketing campaigns at a branch, franchise or regional level
  • Brings greater cost and supply chain efficiency by removing a number of support related parts of the supply chain
  • Increases ROI with easy access to market intelligence data to optimise distribution areas
  • Allow for cross-campaign insights and learnings by housing all mail-out campaign data within the NMP for quick reference

Key Benefits to individual Branches/Franchisees:

  • Allows branches to perform all their own local marketing with one easy to use tool
  • Offers mapping tools that allow branch or franchisee staff to visualise and select their preferred distribution areas
  • Delivers greater competitive advantage by allowing branches or franchisees to be more responsive to local competitor activity