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Product Sample Delivery

Besides delivering flyers and catalogues, we’re also extremely good at distributing product samples to your target market. We can tailor sampling campaigns to particular people or particular areas and can scale delivery to match your budget.

Instead of telling people about what you’re selling, why not show them instead? Getting people to read a pamphlet or catalogue is one thing; having them actually try the product or service is another. Research shows that 86% of people were likely to take notice of a letterbox mailer when a sample was attached. What’s more, 80% were likely to take action as a result of receiving the sample.*

Dollar for dollar, product sample delivery is a highly effective way of motivating people to buy your product. Whoever or wherever in New Zealand you want to target, our team of 5000+ contractors will make sure the right people receive your samples at a very cost effective price.

To give people a real experience of your product or service via sampling, get in touch for a free quote.

*Perceptive research survey 2010