Understanding your audience at a data level, is what makes the ReachMedia strategy a game-changer.

We’ll consult with key business stakeholders and your marketing teams to establish the issues and objectives that matter so you can work smarter with your marketing spend – and get better results.

The only question is how big of an impact would you like to make?


Good strategy starts with the facts. We tap into more than 3,000 data variables and billions of aggregated data points to better understand NZ households and their media interaction journeys.

Need to make critical decisions backed by data, predictive analysis and the latest machine learning technology? We keep it simple with roadmapping and visualisation that turns spreadsheets into easy-to-understand – and easy to maximise – insights.


From profiling to persona segmentation, brand loyalty, and more. We help you truly understand your customers and their behaviour. We find out who’s buying, how often and what drives their choices. Customer analytics helps you understand churn, and maximise upsell opportunity within your existing customer database.

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From online to offline, we build data-driven media activations to maximise campaign effectiveness. Drawing on our universe of consumer data, we can help to close the marketing loop, measure channel effectiveness and continually optimise your media mix.

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Growing your retail operation? We use powerful analytics to help you determine where your next franchise should be and the best catchment areas so you can build and develop your territories based on real data.

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Data Hygiene


Get your dirty data cleaned up. We correct,validate and consolidate your customer records so you’ll spend less and become far more targeted in your customer retention and acquisition activities.


Your data might be in good shape, but is it rich in insights? Build out your customer data by attaching more powerful insights to what you already have. We’ll help you better understand your customers so you can give them a shorter path to purchase through persona segments, personalised messaging, and product offerings.

Audience Measurement

From understanding how your customers interact with media in their communities to pioneering measurement of heavy traffic through airports and cinemas, ReachMedia is breaking exciting new territory in what can be achieved in the audience measurement and marketing space.

Our revolutionary data analytics aggregates and layers billions of data points from a range of technologies and data partners including anonymous mobile location data, purchasing information, segmentation models, demographics and traffic counts to offer unprecedented insights. These insights change marketing to deliver less clutter and a more relevant path to purchase for your clients.

ReachMedia have developed the market-leading audience measurement system for out of home media in New Zealand with Calibre. Blending mobile location data with traffic counts, purchasing data and segmentation variables, Calibre provides reach, frequency and audience enrichment for out of home campaigns.‍

Commissioned by JCDecaux and made available to the wider industry, since 2017 the Calibre platform has provided simplicity, efficiency and accountability to out of home planning for media owners and agencies.

Are you missing a holistic view across media channels? We quantify the impact and effectiveness of marketing activity across multiple touchpoints to power continuous marketing improvement and strategy.

We’re upping the ante for what letterbox marketing can achieve with hyper-targeted campaign plans and maps based on demographic, behavioural, and purchasing analyses for a greater ROI and reduced wastage with your marketing activity.