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Catalogue Delivery Distribution Recovery Case Study: Rural News


Rural News print a fortnightly publication, beginning on a Friday night and delivered by Reachmedia to 79,000 rural letterboxes nationally from the Monday onwards.
On one particular weekend, Rural News experienced significant delays at their printer. This meant there was a major risk of them not meeting their nationwide delivery deadline, impacting on the publication and their advertisers.


To minimize the risk of delay to the circulation of Rural News, helping them meet their all-important delivery deadline.


Reachmedia implemented a recovery plan to enable the earliest possible delivery timeframe for Rural News. We established weekend processing, including the organisation of special transportation of the publication to Reachmedia processing sites in Auckland, Palmerston North and Christchurch.

Extra staff were bought in to the Christchurch site on Monday specifically to process the publication and North Island sites adjusted staff levels for arrival of the publication to meet the Rural News delivery deadline.


Distribution in the North Island was bang on time and in the South Island, just a one-day delay in the distribution of Rural News.

Overall this was a successful Distribution Recovery, minimising the delay and greatly limiting the potential impact to Rural News and their advertisers.


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