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Digitally Publish Your Catalogue on Lasoo Case Study: Vodafone



In 2012, Vodafone NZ ran a nationwide Catalogue Delivery campaign every month that reached hundreds of thousands of letterboxes


Whilst printed catalogues consistently drive engagement, research shows that the lifetime of a catalogue is three to six days from the date of distribution. We were asked to look into how we could extend the lifetime and reach of Vodafone’s catalogue without increasing print and distribution costs.


Reachmedia proposed and implemented a digital solution whereby the artwork from Vodafone’s existing catalogue was digitised and published on This opened their catalogue up to an online audience and extended the normal life of their catalogue. A simple upload ran alongside the print upload process, making for a smooth, straightforward process.


Month after month Lasoo consistently sees unique visitors in the high 80,000’s actively engaging in the site. For the Vodafone catalogue, this extended it’s reach by 10%.

Given that a catalogue typically lasts three to six days, by placing their catalogue on the Lasoo website, Vodafone extended the lifetime of their catalogue by 14+ days.


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