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Market Intelligence Case Study: Reader’s Digest


Reader’s Digest wanted to promote a specific book product that was regarded as being of interest to most Kiwis i.e. a Driver’s Atlas of New Zealand. However, as the mailer would be unaddressed, it was not expected to have a high rate of uptake which could prove damaging to the credibility of both the product and Reader’s Digest.


To improve the level of product uptake by focusing the mailer to only correct/current addresses within the Driver's Atlas database and to those likely to be interested in purchasing.


Firstly, Reachmedia set about cleansing the existing Reader’s Digest database by removing incorrect, incomplete addresses, P.O. Boxes and non-New Zealand addresses. We then geocoded the remaining 250,000 addresses and assigned a specific demographic to each individual. Finally, the data was analysed to identify deliverable concentrations of delivery points that met the target profile characteristics that Reachmedia created in conjunction with Reader’s Digest.


Targets were exceeded by 10% with the number of customers enrolling to purchase the product surpassing expectation. In addition, the promotion also provided new leads for Reader’s Digest to market other products like; magazine subscriptions, music, movies and books.


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