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Put your Products on Lasoo Case Study: Pascoes




Valentine’s Day is a big time of year for Pascoes and they were keen to leverage this event to their best advantage. Pascoes already planned to publish their catalogue on Lasoo and wanted to maximise engagement with their content.


To increase engagement and interactions with the Pascoes catalogue in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day.


Reachmedia proposed a tactical campaign to run in conjunction with the Pascoes catalogue on Lasoo. This consisted of a Lasoo driven competition where visitors had to add Pascoes products to their ‘wishlist’ and go in the draw to win $2,000 worth of jewellery. This competition was promoted on Lasoo, within the weekly newsletter and on the Lasoo Facebook page.


Total catalogue interactions on Lasoo were nearly 3 times more than those of the next best retailer advertising during that period. Catalogue pages viewed were 4.5 times more than the next best retailer and 27.5% of all visitors used the store locator to find their nearest Pascoes store.


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