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Catalogue Delivery & Universal Catalogue Case Study: R&R Sport


Sports equipment retailer R&R Sport were looking to attract new customers during the winter months.


Reachmedia were tasked with getting R&R Sports’ printed catalogue in front of more potential customers and drive greater in-store traffic over a three month sale period.


Using our Mapping tool, R&R Sport’s existing database was plotted on a heat map to show who was actively buying in the stores. We matched this profile to other areas with the same demographics and buying patterns to create a larger, more effective distribution plan. This data was combined with a 5km radius around each store and Catalogue Delivery commenced, targeting those most likely to purchase.


R&R Sport enjoyed an extra successful winter sales period on the back of the greater reach and longevity of their catalogue. This was evidenced in-store by catalogue products averaging sales four times higher than non-catalogue products. The R&R Sport Loyalty club database also grew by over 3000 people during the same three month period as well, ensuring that R&R Sport gained maximum ROI for their outlay. Based on the success of this campaign, R&R Sports used the same methods to distribute their summer catalogue.


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